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  Pre-Fabricated Walls: K&L provides wall panels for single and multi-family residential projects as well as for commercial buildings. Pre-Fab walls offer builders and contractors the benefit of cost and time savings while providing them with a superior, quality product.  
  Pre-fab walls reduce on-site waste, theft, and construction delays due to bad weather. These benefits provide the builder with more accurate fixed costs and quality control. Pre-fab walls can be assembled on site much faster than traditional stick framing resulting in the following savings and benefits:
* Interest on loans due to quicker closings
* Clean-up and disposal costs for on-site scraps
* Mis-used and stolen material resulting in costly fill-in orders
* Construction delays
* Quicker dry-in reducing weather on floors
* 100% built to plan
* Consistency from model to model
* All exterior sheathings nailed per specs.
* All posting installed per engineering at the panel plant
* Quality controlled construction because material is stored indoors
* Fall protection installed at all open to below and stair openings per O.S.H.A.